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COVID-19 Update

How we can help during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

This page will provide all the support you need to continue to operate your business effectively during this pandemic.

Cisco Meraki Partner

By working closely with Cisco Meraki we are able to offer you the best equipment at CloudSE. We can recommend the right products that are needed for your business to continue effectively.

Our Services

Ormit Solutions provides a full range of customized IT services and solutions, we aim to provide your business with the support and guidance needed to be successful during this pandemic.

FREE Business Support

Ormit Solutions are always listening to our customers and helping as much as we can. We will provide FREE business support via phone/email or online chat to and respond asap.

Our Aim

From the 23rd March, the UK Government made a critical decision in order to prevent the spread of coronavrius, this was to stay at home. This measure was enforced to ensure the safety of the public and the NHS. This restriction applies to many businesses and individuals in the UK and will have serious effects on our day to day lives for weeks/months to come.

Whilst we have taken the actions needed to stay safe and continue operating as usual, we also aim to make sure our customers and other businesses will be able to do the same.  That is why we are here to provide FREE support to existing and new customers to recommend you the tools needed and give support on setting up your business to continue as usual and help get your employees working from home without any issues.

Whilst we can provide FREE support, you will need the tools such as a VPN or MX security devices to get your employees connected. These tools and Cisco Meraki equipment can be found over on https://www.cloudse.co.uk/. There you can find VPN’s. routers, switches, security and Meraki Licenses needed to setup and continue working from home. We can provide support on what devices you will need thats right for you. If you need to check our stock availbility or ask for a FREE quote? Head over to Cloudse and give us a call/email or use the online chat and we will respond asap and assist wherever we can .

We will continue to update this page for any further changes or plans that may occur during this difficult time. Please do not hestiate to ask for help and be sure you and your colleagues stay safe and healthy.

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Since you will need both hardware and software to setup your business to be able to work from home. We provide the latest equipment needed to get your business operating as usual and recommended the right products for your business needs.

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