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OrmIT Solutions Wins 1st Place in Cisco Partner Challenge

Leyland-based OrmIT Solutions has triumphed in an innovation competition held by US tech giant Cisco, landing a cash prize of $200,000. OrmIT Solutions and its cloud-based WiFi Splash Access was the overall winner of Cisco’s Sixth Annual Partner Innovation Challenge, beating competition from … Read More

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Splash Access IoT Solution

Streamlined button and door sensor notifications for assistance. A complete all-in-one solution Automate common tasks and trigger actions at the click of a button or the close of a door!With the Splash Access assistance system take control and transform your … Read More

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Cisco Meraki IPSK Without Radius

Identity Private IPSK Unique pre-shared keys created for individuals or groups of users on the same SSID. They allow for the flexibility of using the same SSID for everything PSK related whilst still having different keys and different rights on … Read More

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Cisco Meraki & Splash Access in Education

Cisco Meraki & Splash Access in Education Enhancing the student experience through high-performance Wi-Fi and advanced analytics Splash Access for Virginia Commonwealth University Splash Access is working with Cisco Meraki on delivering our Education module to the Dorms on campus. … Read More

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Covid-19 wifi Guest Registration

Collecting customer details for contact tracing. COVID-19 is affecting industries and sectors across the globe with governments placing restrictions on social gatherings and meeting in public places. However, as plans for customers in England to be asked to check in … Read More

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Cisco Meraki Webex Integration

Speed up and Simplify Speed up and simplify your guest Wi-Fi access with Splash Access by integrating Cisco Meraki API’s, Splash Access automatically creates and displays dynamic WPA2 access codes to provide secure and fast Wi-Fi access. The Wi-Fi access … Read More

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Cisco Meraki Voucher System

Printing Access Vouchers A very simple all in one solution to get a voucher printed by automatically inserting the information into the Cisco Meraki controller, the guests are able to join the network. The Splash Access Voucher system works with … Read More

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Updated Micros Opera PMS System

NEW Easy to configure Opera MICROS integration The hotel WIFI login system process can be a complicated one, which takes up a great deal of time and effort. The new SplashAccess Opera Hotel Integration API has the ability to authenticate … Read More

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IPSK with RADIUS Authentication Utilising MAC addresses

Authenticating clients to the Splash portal based on their MAC address Splash Access is pleased to announce the release of its IPSK module . This standalone module integrates with Meraki portal to create an easy to use secure onboarding portal … Read More

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