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SplashAccess Zapier with easier Integration

Extend your Captive Portal with Zapier Instantly connect Webhooks with Zapier – an easy way to automate your work. Cisco Meraki splash pages for WiFi integrates into Zapier for marketing and Authentication. Easily extending your WiFi splash page with the … Read More

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Throttle Bandwidth Hogs with Realtime Monitoring & Policies

Configuring Bandwidth Limitations   Limiting the data rate allocated per user can help to prevent bandwidth hogging. However, sometimes limiting data rates for all users downloads is unnecessary and contributes to a poorer user experience. With Splash Access you can … Read More

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Cisco Meraki IOS and Google Wallet Coupons

Thinking Outside of the Box ! No app or Software to Install SplashAccess is the first and only company to offer Deep Connection Wallet coupon tools with Geo-Fencing push notification built in. Mobile Wallet Coupons are a whole new channel … Read More

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Cisco Meraki MV Sense Analytics with SMS Alerts

MV Sense Location Analytics Splash Access is pleased to announce the first integration into the New Cisco Meraki MV Sense location analytics API . All new Splash Access accounts will now have the capabilities to set camera threshold alerts with … Read More

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Marketo API Intergration

Cisco Meraki Access Points / MX security devices now integrates directly into the Marketo API Helping Marketers Master the Art and Science of Digital Marketing using the powerful robust Splash Access system. Marketo is dedicated to creating the best marketing … Read More

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Springer Miller Cisco Meraki Guest WIFI Interface.

Splash Access for Cisco Meraki is pleased to announce certification for use with SMS – Springer Miller Systems . The interface will allow guests the ability to pay for WIFI using their Room number, Booking reference or Zip code. About … Read More

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New SplashGo Guest WIFI In a Box

  SplashAccess is pleased to announce the launch of SplashGo , Everything you need to offer guest WIFI at any location. We have taken the hassle out of setting up a Hotspot system and have bundled everything you need in … Read More

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SplashAccess V3 Captive Portal

SplashAccess is pleased to announce V3 of our Portal   Build Captive Portals with marketing capture, email automation, nearby notifications with I-beacons & Eddystone beacons has never been easier. Splash Access is pleased to announce version 3.0 of our Cisco … Read More

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Cisco Meraki with AZURE AD Implementation

  Splash Access have been really busy over the past few months and have some exciting new updates to share with you . We are pleased to announce our new module for direct Azure AD integration . Azure Active Directory is … Read More

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